WHAT? Are you serious???

Okay so things have been happening for me lately!!! CRAZY>>>I have been asked to join the team over at The Next Step, which just so happens to be my favorite blog EVER!!! I guest contributed for them last week and they asked me to join. ME. It's so crazy how things work out. Scrapbooking has really been such a huge blessing in my life.

It has:

- helped me discover parts of myself that were lost and forgotten

- helped me through rough times, given me an outlet to work it out

-given me a sense of self that had never been discovered before I started

- brought me comfort and joy

-given me confidence in myself and my abilities

-given me a chance to express myself in ways I can`t with words alone

-taught me that with passion, you can achieve great things, what you put in, you get back + some

- taught me that if you believe in yourself, there are no limits, no boundaries

- helped me to be more true to myself

And now, it continues to bring me even more. I am so grateful that I have found something that I truly love to do. Anyway, I look forward to what the future holds for me with my new projects and commitments. Mostly I look forward to being inspired by talented people and by more experiences and I very much look forward to all the ways that I will be challenged to take what I do to the next level. Besides the birth of my children, meeting my husband and rekindling friendships with my best friends, finding my passion is the biggest gift I have ever known.

Anyway, that`s all for now...have to get back to work. Have a wonderful day!


Janet Z said...

I'm not surprised Tricia! Huge congrats to you! I posted over at ScrapMuse that I saw this at The Next Step.
All the best to you...it's only the beginning I'm sure!

Lucy Edson said...

We are excited to have you join us, Tricia!! Looking forward to creating more with you! :)

scrappinmomto2girls said...

that is great girl! Congrats!

Chiqui said...

Congrats! you are one great scrapper Tricia!

Marit said...

Huge congrats Tricia!!! I saw your work - you're very talented and you totally deserve to be in such a wonderful team!

Glenda T. said...

Congrats, that is soooo awesome!!! I love that challenge blog!!! OH, when I clicked on your blogspot link that said "my web page" it took me to my own Scrapbook.com gallery? Not sure what happened but you may have the link wrong....
I'm really looking forward to the next challenge!!!