Mojo MIA? Four Alternative Sources for Inspiration

I wanted to share my article I wrote for this month's ScrapMuse Newsletter here so here it is:

For this article, I thought that rather than share the obvious scrapbooking sources that we are all used to going to, i.e. The challenge sites, the sketch sites, perusing galleries, checking scrapbooking magazines etc., I would share with you some of the “alternative” sources that I go to when my mojo needs resuscitation.
Here are my top 4 “Alternative” Sources for Inspiration:

#1 Kuler

Kuler is a free web-based application by Adobe (http://kuler.adobe.com) that allows you to explore and create different colour schemes that can be used for any project. Any of these color “schemes” can be downloaded as well which can serve a multitude of purposes including loading them into your working color palette in Photoshop.

My favourite feature about Kuler is that you can upload your own photos and Kuler will pull colour schemes from it based on basic colour theories. Again, these “schemes” can be downloaded as swatches.

Think of the possibilities in terms of inspiration. The use of color on your layouts makes all of the difference. You can even just browse their community gallery of swatches to find unique and unexpected color combinations that you might just love.

#2 Home and Decorating Magazines

My personal favourite magazine to look through when I am in need of scrap-spiration is, believe it or not a home improvement magazine, called do it Yourself ™. I find the colors used in projects in this magazine divine. Not only that, but so many of the spreads in this magazine help inspire me with print and graphics combinations and layout design, or even ideas for unique embellishments. They also have a great blog that I like to visit as well http://www.diyideas.com/blogs/teamdiyblog/.

#3 Fashion Anything

Looking at anything to do with fashion can also be ultra inspiring as well and might just be the thing that kicks your mojo back into action; might help you dress better too(not for me L). Fashion can inspire for the same reasons as the first two sources, but for a couple of others as well. I find inspiration in the textures that you see in the variety of textiles that are used as well as the combination of textures. The other major thing that I find particularly inspiring about fashion is the way things are put together can often be replicated with paper. For example the way something is pleated, ruffled, draped or stitched, for example, can be transferred to paper. My favourite source for fashion inspiration is a site called Polyvore (http://www.polyvore.com/), where you can browse, shop and create looks created by a global community of stylists and want-to-be stylists. It is very cool and so much fun to create your own sets.

#4 Etsy

Another place that I frequent when I am fresh out of ideas is Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/). Because there are so many categories on Etsy that I would find inspiration from, my favourite way to browse Etsy for inspiration is to use their “pouncing feature”. You can have this pounce feature randomly select from shops that are undiscovered (haven’t made a sale yet) and from shops that have just made a sale. Each time you hit the pounce button, three shops come up with several of their items on display. I find that this is a great way to see a good variety of the kinds of things that are out there.

Here are some of my favourites that I found with the pounce feature. Ideas that can easily be crossed over to scrapbooking, again through colours, textures, embellishment ideas, design ideas etc.

So, why don’t you try stepping outside of your inspiration box and try out some of these or other sources for inspiration when your creativity needs some revitalizing? If you have any neat ideas for places to get inspiration that aren’t mentioned here, please share them with us in the ScrapMuse forums.


Janelle said...

i love your suggestions & i have to agree w/ etsy (and the other ones)- we have such similar tastes...it's wild to me!

KimmyS said...

Ohhh I SO need to check that Kuler Site out - what a brilliant tool

Kristy said...

I totally love that DIY Ideas mag!!! DH hates it b/c it gives me too many ideas LOL! Now I have a good reason to read it again!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

Just love this blog !! So much inspirations !

Anonymous said...

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