Why do "we" as people, so often forget to appreciate the things we have in our lives, big and small?  It seems that life and it's lessons are certainly not on a linear path(I guess this should be obvious??).  Lessons keep needing to be relearned.  Things always go in cycles.  I am constantly amazed by life(all of what it entails) and the dichotomy of it, how it is all so simple, yet mind-blowingly complex.  I think that ultimately, everything comes down to balance, yin and yang sort of thing etc., from the most complex to the most base.  I think it is the answer to every problem in some way.  The trouble is, it seems, that things can always, and at any time go out of balance fairly simply. 

This, makes me wonder if wisdom is really just about getting better at re-aligning when things go off course.  Can we ever really get to a place where we are always balanced, or don't often need re-learning of seemingly the most basic of life's lessons?  Can a person get to this point in a lifetime?  I wonder if anyone really gets to a point where they always remember to use every moment in a way that they are proud of, in a way that if given the chance, they wouldn't change or take back.    I wonder all of this because I get frustrated with myself when I feel like I have slipped backwards or regressed in ways that seem to happen over and over again.  Like, for instance, I have a really hard time through the winter...every winter.  Every fall I think I am prepared and in a "good" place.  Then slowly weird winter me creeps in and I don't even realize the moment when this happens or really that it even happens until Spring comes and I feel so good.  Then I'm like hey, I haven't been good.  A part of my consciousness seems to hibernate in the winter.  Just checks out.

Anyway, I am so thankful right now for the sunshine and how nice it feels to have it on my skin again, how lovely it is to hear the birds chirping all around me, how romantic and light it feels having the windows open in the house and the warm breeze pouring through the house.  I have been really letting the moment sink in again.  I forgot what that felt like for a little while.  Like usual.  But you know what all of this contemplation brings me back to?  Balance.  In everything.  I wouldn't appreciate this sun nearly as much and the sound of those chirping birds so much, if I didn't have the long, cold winter every year.  See....balance.

Here's a picture of Ella from yesterday:

Also, this is my favourite song of the moment, "Be Okay" by Ingrid Michaelson.  I'm not sure why I have never heard of her before.  I got one of her albums last week and I am totally loving the whole thing.

Happy Easter long weekend!!!!