So what is my deal anyway?

I have got to start posting more often. It becomes a big problem when I take too long, because by the time I post, I have a gazillion pictures to upload. Today is no exception. What always ends up happening is that I leave it open all day and then I just keep adding to it when I have time.
Things have been really good for us lately. We have been getting lots of stuff done around the house, mostly outside. We are purging. Finally David is on the same page as I am. He finally realizes that we don't have to take every little thing that we come across that we have a slight idea of how we might use it oneday and add it to our endless inventory of garbage. Phewf!!! Anyway, it's nice to see things getting cleaned up and tossed out. We are going to get a dumpster soon when we do our roof and we will finally be able to get rid of all the big garbage in our yard, ie. huge chunks of concrete, lawn tractors, boat motors, poles, air conditioners, and all sorts of things. I am not kidding. Seriously.
My first game of softball is coming up soon and I am very excited. I haven't been on a sports team since grade 7, so like a hundred years ago. Anyway, it's kind of a big deal to me. This weekend the kids are going to David's aunt Sharon's house for a sleepover with their cousin Lauren as well. We didn't even ask. She actually VOLUNTEERED for the job. I kept asking her "are you SURE???" I think she started to wonder if they were serial killers or something the way I was going on. They're not serial killers, but man they sure know how to kill your energy sometimes. Anyway, this is super exciting for us and it happened to fall on the same night as Alanna's going away party (she's moving to Toronto) so David and I are going to go and probably stay at a hotel after and get our drink on. I mean it. I think some tequila shots are going to be in order. David is being a real pal sharing our night with this event. As anyone who knows him knows, he's not exactly a "social butterfly"

Here are a couple of layouts that I did recently:

I got this one of David this weekend:
Bag head:
Raking, raking and more raking:

This was cute, Owen took off Ella's helmet for her:

The battery died so they resorted to pushing eachother:

Time-out for a rude boy.
This is not nearly all of them, many many more to go:
Ella and Grandma on Easter:
Grandpa and Mallory:

David and Steven = two peas in a pod, stalker cam:
Mallory and Daddy:
Lauren examining one of her eggs:
Thanks for the boost Grandpa:
Reaching for one in the corner:
Grandma's Easter tree, I thought it was cuuute:
Isn't my neice Mallory the most lovely baby?????
Mallory and Mommy: cute little bunny
Ella posing in her Easter dress, couldn't get a nice face out of her:

This face looks familiar, this is pretty much her only trick:
Isn't this the most adorable shirt ever??? Thanks Nanny!!!

Easter egg hunt at home:

Okay, I'm not sure what happened to Owen's eyes here, but I am truly creeped out!

There is something so intriguing yet appalling about this, this was the beginning of a drunken and disorderly photo shoot that we decided to have on Easter with the fam:
Lined up at the trough:

Me and papa:
I think I might have been trying to get David to dance at this point, couldn't say for sure as I was already quite sauced. Please note the copious amounts of daylight pouring in, we hadn't even eaten supper yet.
me and david:
Tracy/Nanny, my step-mom
What can I even say?

You might be wondering what was the deal with the facial expressions? Well I guess we aren't really much more sophisticated in the face making department than Ella is. A bunch of one-trick ponies:
Love this one of dad, he looks so distinguished!
Didn't Owen look handsome? He thought he looked wierd since it doesn't resemble work clothes at all. It was a bit of a fight, but I came out victorious.

WHAT is this face????

Me and sister friend
ridonculous drunkenness

Tracy trying to duck so I could get a picture of Josh, he somehow pulled out some synchronized swimmeresque type moves and kept deeking me out, the bastard.

Alanna, I really like this shot:
Ella and Alanna hanging out:

Alanna came out to the country and had to try out local fashions which came in the form of David's Carhartt coat, a country staple.
This is so weird:
Gym and Swim with Connor:

These young lovers were caught doing the nasty in my backyard as the children watched curiously.
More Mallory:

David's aunt Sharon brought us and the kids to Monsters vs. Aliens, it was a great movie and the kids actually stayed for the whole thing.