I suck at blogging!!

It has been a loooong time since I have posted anything. I joined softball here in Fitzroy Harbour. I am really excited about that. We also signed Owen up for soccer and t ball. I also started working 2-3 days a week doing the bookeeping work that I have been doing. I had been working from home for only 25 hours a month, but I was having a hard time getting focused enought to do it at home with all the distractions. I asked my boss if she would be able to give me more hours so that I could work from her house and bring the kids to a babysitter. So we found a lady in the harbour who is flexible and will take the kids the 2-3 days a week. So far, I absolutely love the arrangement. It's like a holiday every time I go to work.

It's also nice because before when I was falling behind in my work, I was always feeling that nagging pressure to get more done. It's nice now to not have that in my spare time.

This week Owen started Gym & Swim at a local rec center. He will usually be going with his friend Connor, but Connor was sick this week so Owen was by himself with two younger boys. At first he was VERY shy, but it didn't take him long to warm up.

He took a big interest in playing goalie, he saved evry shot!

ScoreSomething fun:
Pretending to be elephants:
I was really happy to see Owen enthusiastically participate in everything
He zipped across this balance beam like nobody's business:

Playing with mini-sticks:

One of Ella, I guiltily realized that they had the same program running for Ella's age group at the same time as Owen's.
The kids enjoying the new tub, shortly after the pictures of Owen with the soap on his face, he inhaled all of the bubbles into his throat and proceeded to almost throw up. I doubt he will be doing that again:

On Monday that just passed I went to the New Kids on the Block concert with my friend Carla who won tickets, Meaghan was able to come too. The Jabbawockees (dance troupe) opened for them. They were really cool. Their dance was a love story with chapters that were "acted" out. I unfortunately only got pictures of them, before band security confiscated my camera for being "professional" like. The security guard got all up in my bizz and was sort of talking to me like I had done something terrible. Pretty embarassing actually. Anyway, I had been hoping to get all sorts of obscene close-ups and such of the New Kids, but that was not meant to happen apparently. Which super sucked cause there were a lot of super-racy photo ops that came up and I was cameraless. There was a lot of crotch-grabbing, butt flashing and even some big, naked ta tas shown on the big screen, a definite highlight of the evening. The New Kids put on a great show and played ALL of their old hits. I danced, screamed and sang like a raving lunatic. Good times.

Owen with Barney the other day:
Owen and his friend Sam last weekend, they were having a dance-off:
Dumping water:
Ella biking last weekend:

Last Saturday I took Ella and my neice Lauren to Disney on Ice:

This was the girl's favorite part:
Soldier from Toy Story, pretty fierce outfit:

Snow White and her dude:
Cinderella and her dude:
Belle and my comical favorite, Gaston:
Beauty and the Beast:
Scary shark, Finding Nemo:

A bunch of Genie clones:

The girls watching the show:

Playing outside, Apparently Owen has to drive EVERYTHING into the ditch, very annoying.

Putting rocks in his hat, why wouldn't you?

Thank goodness we can pull the ol' rubber boots out again!!!!
She looks like she would survive very well in the wild, I pride myself on that.

I had to take pictures of this tractor that resides just down the street from us, it is older than farming:
He tried really hard, but he wasn't able to blow anything off this severely dead thistle:
Recent LO about Ella and her toys:

Random family dinner at Dad and Tracy's:It looked so delicious I had to take a photo:



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