December 29, 2008

Today Connor came over for a playdate with Owen and Ella. They were happy to get together since they haven't gotten together since the last day of school.

I also got to do some scrapbooking when Ella was napping. I was thrilled to be able to get the chance to do it since I have not had much of a chance to
do it since about October.
Later in the afternoon, Owen and Connor went to Connor's house for supper. Apparently Owen will be going back to Connor's tomorrow for a sleepover. Hmmmm...we'll see about that.

Owen would not stay still for a picture:
Ella was in a mood because Connor wouldn't come sit beside her. She has quite the mastery of "over-the-top" faces:

A new layout of Owen with the puppies that we visited in the Summer:

This is my first lo that I have done about myself:

December 28, 2008

I finally got some of our new Christmas goodies integrated with our stuff. At first I was very overwhelmed. We were very lucky this year. To get Owen out of my hair for a while today, I temporarily set up my old N64 in Owen's room for him to play with. He was in heaven. Ella was super happy just to watch.

December 26, 2008

Today Don and Nancy came over so we could exchange gifts with them.

Grandma opened up her album with Ella's help:

Owen helped Grandpa with his:

December 25, 2008

The big day is here and Santa made it to our house last night:

This is the first picture taken with the four grandchildren taken at Maureen's house for Christmas brunch. We are so lucky to have baby Mallory with us this year!:

I managed to catch a Mallory making a little smirk in her sleep:

Owen and Lauren eating their brunch:

Maureen did a great job leading mass:

Grandpa holding baby Mallory, she looks like a little peanut!:

Already in love:

Later at Dad's house. Ella is apparently a camera attention seeker:

This was the first year that Meaghan, Joshua and I, ALL had guests. It was a welcome change of pace from last year having extra people around. Yuck! Meaghan and Curtis, awww!:

Joshua and Katherine:

Ella flirting with Granddad:

Always elegant:

December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!!! YAY! It's finally here!!!!!

The meal, this year's gravy was the best so far!!!:
I actually caught a micro smile on David:my CREEPY sister:
The kids in their Christmas jammies, thanks Nana!:
Leaving stuff for Santa:
Some carrots for the reindeerm with reindeer food sprinkled on top and some delicious chocolate almonds for Mr.Claus.:

December 22, 2008

I got in my first real "accident" today. The roads were bad because of a huge snowstorm we had yesterday. Anyway, Meaghan, the kids and I were on our way back from shopping when I hit some potholes and oversteered to get away from them sending me into a fishtailing fury. This seemed to gain momentum until the car was spinning and then flew across the oncoming lane backwards and into the snowy ditch. It was pretty terrifying. Bottom line is that we were lucky and no one got hurt. $165 later and we were towed back onto the road. Thankfully Don was able to come and pick up the kids.

Getting pulled out:

Our imprint:

Tow truck driver (ie. rip-off artist)

Abused Tire:

December 21, 2008

Getting excited for Christmas. Just want to share some more pics of the kids. LOVE my new camera.

December 20, 2008

We went to Theresa's for a visit today so Theresa and I could go get some shopping done. The kids stayed at Theresa's with the girls. Lauren even changed Ella's poo diaper. Disaster was averted. Thanks Lauren, that bought us a bit more shopping time.
David hard at work?:

A cute one of Ella:
I've got to be honest, this picture kind of scares me, this is Owen's "attack" face:

but not as much as this face does! Poor Theresa was startled by the flash.

And one really cute one of David and Ella:

December 19, 2008

So today was Owen's last day of school before Christmas break. Owen's friends Connor and Sean came over to have lunch together and have a gift exchange.

Here they are eating lunch! (We ordered from Happy Times...yum) Not sure what is going on with Owen's or Sean's smiles though?

December 18, 2008

I'm not sure how this works exactly, but I am trying to go back in time in order to share some pictures and share how our holiday season has gone so far.

I got my Christmas present early this year. David gave me my new Canon Rebel XS the Thursday before Christmas. I was thrilled because I was without a reliable camera and didn't want to miss out on any holiday photo opps.

Here, Owen and Ella were helping me open it:

I am SO excited to learn how to use it!!!!