December 29, 2008

Today Connor came over for a playdate with Owen and Ella. They were happy to get together since they haven't gotten together since the last day of school.

I also got to do some scrapbooking when Ella was napping. I was thrilled to be able to get the chance to do it since I have not had much of a chance to
do it since about October.
Later in the afternoon, Owen and Connor went to Connor's house for supper. Apparently Owen will be going back to Connor's tomorrow for a sleepover. Hmmmm...we'll see about that.

Owen would not stay still for a picture:
Ella was in a mood because Connor wouldn't come sit beside her. She has quite the mastery of "over-the-top" faces:

A new layout of Owen with the puppies that we visited in the Summer:

This is my first lo that I have done about myself: