School is out summer is in!!!!

Some layouts to share:

This two page lo was inspired by The Next Step Challenge Blog. This month was all about altering paper. For the blue bg paper I just started off with cardstock and then started painting and stamping on the page. I also used white pen to write a few random wintery things on the paper. I also altered the die cut paper, the one with red is a LYB pattern paper, I painted the black border on it, outlined some stuff on it with black pen and I painted a blue inner border on it. The white "die-cut" I traced out with the other one and then I painted the black border on it and drew the black outlines with pen.

These next two layouts were also inspired by The Next Step, I dug out papers that I really wasn't into anymore used them.

In this first one, I just distressed the papers a bit by tearing and crumpling and I added some paint.

In this one, I doodled on the brown pp. The light green corrugated piece of paper, I painted, to hide the non- green parts. This was a truly hideous piece of paper before. The tag with the bird on it, I painted the blue parts on it and doodled all of the white onto it so that it would match the page. The strip of stuff on the side are scraps of cardstock, bits of ribbon and a few buttons that I doodled on with a sharpie paint pen.

So yesterday was the last day of school and summer begins. I asked some of the other parents of the kids on Owen's class to meet me at the park after school for a picnic to celebrate the last day of their first year of school. It was an incredibly hot afternoon. The poor little babies looked like they were melting. At one point I even walked over to my house to get a watering can full of water to pour on their little arms and toes. They did well though, not so sure about us. I literally felt like a pool of melted butter. Nice imagery eh?

Some pics:

Ava, so cute when she makes grumpy faces:

Sydney enjoying her snack. I love the little back on her dress, so cuuute!

Morgan running for the Frisbee:

This is my favourite picture of the kids. I think they were all copying what Ava was doing:

Look at Brennan's neck, hehe:

bring it:

Aren't kindergarteners adorable? They all have such big personalities.

This is Owen and Ella last night as I found them when I was headed to bed. I guess Ella snuck into his room. When Owen woke up this morning he was screaming excitedly "MOMMY, MOMMY, Me and Ella had a SLEEPOVER!!! It was pretty cute.

Here are some pictures from the other day of the kids playing with our "pool"

Owen, filling it up

He always has to spray at other stuff:

Bossing Ella around

Getting in

All the way in

Ella creeping around

Here was the best part, Owen wants them to play with their shoes as boats. Come on Ella, use your shoe as a boat and play with me

Sure Owen, KABAAM, shoe slammo into the pool, ooh this is fun can splash older brother.

Owen, not too entertained by this twist in plot

Trying to stop the madness that is Ella trying to cause trouble

Ella lounging inside when Owen was at school the other day. She left her hat on.

My neighbour gave me some of her peonies last week. After I shook the ants out of them, they kept the house smelling sweet and looking pretty for a few days!

I took this picture to show my lost and then found friend Steph, who lives in Mexico that I have her picture that she painted and gave me many years ago still hanging on my wall. She made this when she was probably 18. I still really like it and it is the only "original" art that I have in my house other than my kids or mine.

Ella has been a real pain at night lately. She just doesn't want to sleep. She wants to stay up all night playing with her babies, little people and doing weird gymnastics moves on her bed. Last Thursday night, long after we thought she was asleep, she proudly yells from her room: "Mommy I got your baseball shirt on!!!!" She had snuck into my room where I had left my sweaty softball shirt from that evening and she took off her jammies and put this on instead, backwards I might add. She insisted on sleeping in it. So I let her...gross, I know.

Last night of t-ball last week:

Blue team

green team huddle: Hip hip hooray!

Ella at the game:

At Auntie Andrea's last week getting set for a "spinny underducky"

Lauren proved to be the queen of the "Spinny Underduckys"

Look at her go

Look at the face...so so cute!

Sorry for being a slacker blogger with posts that go on for miles. SO for anyone who makes it to the end of this, Happy Friday and I know this is fromage but, Peace MJ.

Heal the world, make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race there are people dying and if you care enough for the living make it a better place for you and for me.

Heal the world we live in save it for our children.