One less ugly van = happier me!

Yay! Today the junky bad idea of a van that we have had parked in our driveway was picked up by a scrapper today. Not only did we get rid of the van but we also got rid of all of our scrap metal that we had collected all over our yard since we moved in. It was all metal from various demolition projects around the house. Also last weekend, we finally got our septic tank replaced and got our yard graded properly. We need a few more loads of dirt and then we will be able to actually start doing something with our yard. Which is about time. We have been here for four years now and we have known the whole time that we had all of this work to do, so we haven't been able to do anything 'fixed' as it would all either have to be moved or ruined when all the digging and machines came in. I am SO looking forward to having a nice garden.

Here it goes, good riddance:

Ella decided to put sunscreen on her babies today while I was playing with Owen. Nice.

Last night we went to David's aunt's house for a birthday dinner for his aunt and for his brother. The kids had a great time playing with their cousin Lauren.

Here they are asking questions about the cake, obviously

Running like three little wildebeasts:

David decided he wanted to try to climb up to the deck from the ground level. He couldn't get there. Then his brother who weighs about 60 lbs less than him almost made it up and then David really had something to prove. I had to beg him to stop trying as I was afraid he was going to cripple himself.

Mallory loves to be entertained by the kids:

Lauren posing awkwardly with the daisy we had just picked:

Gorgeous little Mall:

Ella helping at Owen's soccer game:

Owen running at soccer, I need to get him some proper gear:

Emma goalkeeping like a champ:

One of the kids

Eva, from Owen's class, he asked her to marry him, but after much consideration, she has officially declined his offer because she has decided to marry someone else. Or so he tells me.

So far after 2 games, this seems to be Owen's favourite way to play:

More soccer:

Owen and his buddy Wyatt, I wasn't kidding about the sitting on the ball, he did a lot of this.

Wyatt, also digging the ball lounging

Some of my flowers:

The other night I took some pictures of the church here in Fitzroy during a bike ride, I thought the church looked really cool all lit up at night.

Cool sky, eh?

Last Monday, the Owen's whole class + the SKs and the Gr. 1s all went to the museum of civilization for a field trip. We got to see the Imax movie, Under the Sea. It was AMAZING although the kids were pretty scared of some of the creepy looking fish.

Owen and Connor on the bus:

Last weekend Owen went to his friend and classmate Layne's 5th birthday:

Owen playing beside our crazy looking new septic tank

Rolling his friend in a septic tank component

Me and ella:

Owen's class heading for the bus

Some cute ones of Ella from last week:


Bethany Kartchner said...

The sunscreen on the baby doll makes me laugh. My littlest daughter loves lotion and I often find her completely covered. Along with her clothes and the floor. Lovely.