Sneak Peek {ScrapMuse October Kit}

Here is the colour palette for October's Kit, called "Flight School":

Here's a little corner of Valerie's first layout from this kit:

I got my kit late last week and I can honestly say that I was in total heaven as I rooted through all of my goodies. I've completed one layout so far and can't wait to work on the rest. Check out ScrapMuse next week for the full reveal. AMAZING kit!!


Bloggin Ain’t Easy

Man, it has just been one of those weeks. Not much time or inclination to blog about the goings on. My camera is in for repairs, which means I am without a camera for a month. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. I guess I will try to borrow one or something. Does anyone I know who reads this have a camera I can borrow for a month?? It would be much appreciated.

We had a great weekend. We got tons done around the house. I got to got to an lss with my friend Zohra, they were holding a garage sale and I picked up a few things. I was actually very good, I spent only about $6 at the Garage sale and about $5 in the store. Got a couple of Prima pps. OnSaturday evening we went to the Carp Fair. It's a pretty big deal around here. The kids went on a few rides. They loved the spinning strawberries and this giant bumpy slide. Owen asked if we could do it the exact same way next year, so I think that is a reflection of a good trip out.

A funny/cute story about Owen. It's getting pretty cold here now, so the other day when we were going out to play I got out a sweater for Owen to put on. I said Owen, come put on this "fleece" sweater. He absolutely refused to put it on. I was like, whatever, be cold then. Anyway, the next day when we were packing up to go to the Carp Fair, I grabbed the sweater again and said "we'll bring this fleece just in case, so if you get cold, then we have it. Owen says: "I'm not putting on that sweater with fleas"

I was like "what do you think that "fleece" is Owen?" He was like: "the things that make dogs itchy"

I laughed so hard. It is so cute how their minds work. I was like: "Owen, why on earth would I try to get you to wear something with fleas on it???? I would never do that!"

Anyway, today I really hurt my head. First time since I was a kid. I was wearing my crocs to go take garbage outside and I slipped out the door and smashed the top of my head on the corner of a brick. I cried a lot, partly from pain, partly from emotion and partly from fear of concussion or brain damage. I think I am fine, but it freaking hurt. It even bled a bit and I have a big bump on it.

Well that's it for now,





New LO to share

I just wanted to share my most recent layout.

Here's the journaling:

I'm turning 30 this year. It's happening in about 4 months. I'm starting to get scared. It's starting to stir stuff up.

Mostly, I'm just struck by the ever increasing awareness that this all goes by so quickly. The strange part is, is that as I get older, there is almost a comfort in the process, the absoluteness of it. We are absolutely going to get older, and it will absolutely come to an end. That seems less scary to me now than it used to. The part I have a hard time with however, is in this "ever increasing awareness that this all goes by so quickly", I feel so much more pressure now to make it all matter; to not let it get away from me, wasted. It makes my choices feel more critical.

But: I make hard choices. I find faith in myself. I take the opportunity to grow.



Wow...watching House

This episode is amazing. Haven't watched in a long time, but am quite intrigued by his therapy sessions. This premiere just roped me back into the show after missing an entire season. Well done. Anyone else, thoughts? I'm also thinking that one of the doctors in the "asylum" might be Caitlin from degrassi, is it possible? Gonna go check.

-totally WRONG about the degrassi thing-

OMG is all I have to say about the dancing in the dark scene at the asylum!!!!

Hugh Laurie, WHAT!?!?!


The Climb...performed by:

Kelly Clarkson's backup singers and Kelly Clarkson. Amazing! The girl with the guitar is so good.


Kit Reveals

I am so excited to finally get to share what I've worked on so far with the September Kit from ScrapMuse.

This first one is the monthly sketch that I made up for the month at ScrapMuse.

Here is my LO of that sketch:



Red Flowers: Made using my tutorial at the Next Step, and my SCAL project

Prima Pebbles: Tropics

Cardstock: American Crafts:

PP: Bo Bunny Gypsy Curry

Prima Flower: Gallery Roses Pierre

Ranger Glossy Accents

Ribbon: Kaisercraft

Thickers: Cricket


Here's one about Ella, called "You've got me under your spell"



Peach Flowers: Made using my tutorial at the Next Step and my SCAL project

Chipboard Letters: Fetching Pink Paislee

Little letter Stickers: Making Memories Teal Ledger

PPs: Gypsy Spice and Henna, Bo Bunny, Sunny Days, GCD

Ribbon: Kaisercraft

Journaling Card: Collage Press


This is one of Owen and his tendency to be pretty sulky sometimes:



Ranger Glossy Accents

PP: Prima Tropics'

Stamp: Prima Marketing - Collage Stamp – Ticker

Little letter Stickers: Making Memories Teal Ledger

Thickers: Cricket

Droplets: Kaisercraft

Hand Dyed Rose: ScrapMuse


This one is one of Owen and Ella with their friend Connor. I tried to get a "proper" picture, like these better anyway:



Thickers: Cricket

PP: Prima Tropics, pink paislee fascinating die cut

Chipboard: Fetching Pink Paislee

Droplets: Kaisercraft


And here is the last one (so far, I have tons of supplies left, YAY!!!). This is just about how lucky we are to have such a fabulous doggy, our Barney.


PPs: Bo Bunny Gypsy Spice, Prima Tropics

Chipboard: Fetching Pink Paislee

Little letter Stickers: Making Memories Teal Ledger

Stamp: Prima Marketing - Collage Stamp – Ticker

Droplets: Kaisercraft

Journaling Card: Collage Press


So, it has been a super exciting month and I have loved my experience with my first kit. Not to mention being on the design team gives good experience writing articles and dealing with deadlines. It's good for me. I am learning what I am capable of and that is very exciting. I always have seemed to have this underlying lack of belief in myself, but that is slowly but surely being stripped away. I am feeling hopeful and positive and although I have had some emotional set backs over the last month or so, I think I am heading onward and upward. It's hard when you get into a bad space for a while, you start to think that you might not get out of it. For the last year or so, I have been ridonculously happy and positive and then some things went down with my family recently that really set me back, way back. It's been a bit over a month since things started going down and finally...FINALLY I am starting to feel like myself again. The whole experience has really just reminded me how we are NEVER done growing emotionally and spiritually.

That's it for now,



Recent Pictures

Haven't posted pics in forever, finally got some uploaded:


Frog the kids caught at a family get-together last weekend. That's ME holding the frog!:

David's side of the family:

New brakes, a very good thing because the old ones were REALLY bad!

Some cute ones I got of Ella watching tv:


Owen's first day in senior kindergarten:


Big smile on Wyatt's face after seeing Mme. again:


Some of the boys waiting for the others, Owen, on the far right was feeling pretty shy.

Finally, more have arrived:

The bunch of them; only 3 poor little girls in this hugely boy class:

The day before school started, we got to go to Walking With Dinosaurs with Nanny. It was an amzing show. The kids were a bit too young to appreciate it fully, but they stayed the whole thing and they had fun. But OMG Owen had a gazillion questions. The whole time I was trying to answer every single question about dinosaurs that you could never imagine...and I know nothing about dinosaurs. If I had have been able to listen to some of it, I probably would have been able to answer some of his questions. But that mos def did not happen.

The kids "chariot:

Cool close-ups:

Tree disease? Moss?

More chariot, ella's in there:

Trying to "help" pull down the broken tree branch, Owen trying to push it up, Ella trying to pull it down, very typical of their team work skills:

Cottage Pictures:

That's it for today. Now we are off to my Dad's house for supper and I have to give my filthy kids a bath first.

Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!!!