Recent Pictures

Haven't posted pics in forever, finally got some uploaded:


Frog the kids caught at a family get-together last weekend. That's ME holding the frog!:

David's side of the family:

New brakes, a very good thing because the old ones were REALLY bad!

Some cute ones I got of Ella watching tv:


Owen's first day in senior kindergarten:


Big smile on Wyatt's face after seeing Mme. again:


Some of the boys waiting for the others, Owen, on the far right was feeling pretty shy.

Finally, more have arrived:

The bunch of them; only 3 poor little girls in this hugely boy class:

The day before school started, we got to go to Walking With Dinosaurs with Nanny. It was an amzing show. The kids were a bit too young to appreciate it fully, but they stayed the whole thing and they had fun. But OMG Owen had a gazillion questions. The whole time I was trying to answer every single question about dinosaurs that you could never imagine...and I know nothing about dinosaurs. If I had have been able to listen to some of it, I probably would have been able to answer some of his questions. But that mos def did not happen.

The kids "chariot:

Cool close-ups:

Tree disease? Moss?

More chariot, ella's in there:

Trying to "help" pull down the broken tree branch, Owen trying to push it up, Ella trying to pull it down, very typical of their team work skills:

Cottage Pictures:

That's it for today. Now we are off to my Dad's house for supper and I have to give my filthy kids a bath first.

Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!!!