michael jackson - moon walk

Okay, I know I've been doing MJ overkill, but I had to share this. We are signing our son up for breakdancing this fall and he is super excited. I keep showing him all sorts of youtube videos of breakdancers, but it always keeps coming back to Michael Jackson. Owen is already trying to work his moves enthusiastically. I think he's actually going to be really good. He has always had this unique, athletic dancing style and I have always thought that breakdancing would be perfect for him. PLUS it would be a wicked party trick to pull out!!! Seriously. Anyway, the school of dance that is near here is finally offering up a breakdancing class!!!!

So...back to MJ. His moves were crazy. What I find craziest though, is how many types of dance have evolved from his own original thing. I can't think of one single performer that has made nearly the mark on today's performance art that MJ would have. You can see him in some element in almost every single pop act today. Crazy.


Pearl said...

I know ! it's sad that we truly appreciate an artiste like MJ after he's gone the way he did ! We were in MJ overdrive too after his memorial but so much artistry in his performances - we had to buy his concert dvds too & were they way ahead of his time conceptually ! What a true star !