My favorite show

Okay I'll start off by admitting that I didn't watch a single episode of the last season of my favourite show(addiction to scrapbooking won). I think that it has since been cancelled, which is such a shame. I can understand, because it's pretty quirky. But I wanted to share my love for this show here. First off- look at the colours...aren't they amazing?? Everything in this show was super saturated with vibrant colour. The characters are all weird but lovable and the premise is ridiculous but enchanting. It is one of the most charming, romantic, sweet and funny shows I've ever seen. You have to sort of be into the quirky thing though, which I am. If you're into Tim Burtonish and anything with big heart, you will love this show. The main character, Ned (a sweet pie maker) learns as a child to discover a strange abiltity that if he happens to touch something dead, his first touch brings life, thesecond touch brings death. To make matters more complicated, if he touches once and lets said dead-now-living thing stay alive (without a second touch) for more than 60 seconds, a living thing in the vicinity will die in it's place. But he still can never touch undead ever again, because next time he does, undead will die. This is how he ends up meeting his childhood love now in the present, Chuck, whom he hasn't seen since childhood, when her family moved away after her father died(as a result of him "undeadifying"? his beloved dog past 60 sec.). Anyway it's a beautifully woven work of art as far as I'm concerned. I just wanted to share this for those of you that might be into it but haven't heard of it. It really is magical. I could actually go on and on. (First season was more impressive than second) Oh and if you don't fall in love with Chuck, well let's just say I dare you to not fall in love with her...it's impossible. Last thing I want to say about this show is that I found it very artistically inspiring, the fashion, design, writing are all so beautiful. love.

Chuck, her dress is my favorite thing ever:

Another gorgeous dress and the colours:

They are so sweet:

The whole cast=amazing!!!