The sun listened...thank you sun!

Every day we do the rounds and check all the (very few) plants and flowers that we have around the yard to see how much they have grown. Ella is fascinated by the ants doing their work on the peonies.

Here are the ants close-up
playing outside
Owen deeking out my attempts at getting a good shot...as per usual
he thinks he's pretty funny
here he's pointing at the umbrella hole in the table, suggesting that I take his picture through that. Following, are the shennanigans that continued.
enjoying the sunshine which has been so scarce lately:
The other day, playing in the dirt that is my front lawn. lucky me.

tried to get some pictures of David, he's not much better than Owen, but I did get a couple of good ones and I thought that I thought were amusing due to the fact that I got pictures of him as I was making him laugh. If you know David this is rare to get in picture.
Here are the two that I really like:
layout I did the other night when Zohra came over to scrapbook with me:
Here's a picture of Zohra scrapbooking, she was seriously loving it Zohra's first layout:
Zohra's second layout, beautiful work eh? Love her handwriting.
Maggie, grandma and grandpa's new pup so flippin cute:
cute cute cuteness, baby Mallory