December 25, 2008

The big day is here and Santa made it to our house last night:

This is the first picture taken with the four grandchildren taken at Maureen's house for Christmas brunch. We are so lucky to have baby Mallory with us this year!:

I managed to catch a Mallory making a little smirk in her sleep:

Owen and Lauren eating their brunch:

Maureen did a great job leading mass:

Grandpa holding baby Mallory, she looks like a little peanut!:

Already in love:

Later at Dad's house. Ella is apparently a camera attention seeker:

This was the first year that Meaghan, Joshua and I, ALL had guests. It was a welcome change of pace from last year having extra people around. Yuck! Meaghan and Curtis, awww!:

Joshua and Katherine:

Ella flirting with Granddad:

Always elegant: