I was having a conversation with someone tonight and the topic of: the internet, good or bad?, came up and we were debating back and forth about it and it sort of occured to me that most things naturally gravitate towards balance. I think that internet isn't necessarily capable of turning good people bad and so I don't think that it would necessarily cause more negative events. I actually then realized that like anything, there is positive and negative and you need to choose which side to focus on. Whichever you focus on you will get more of because you are more open to that. So, I choose team positive! WTH not? How can choosing to focus on the negative make your life better? So for the whole internet question, I like to think that on a global level, it certainly provides a much more "tangible" sense of community than ever before. It's kind of hard to keep regarding people in horrible conditions in the world as just numbers or statistics when you are chatting with them in some online community or another. I choose to think that this can mean good for humanity because I think that ignorance will no longer be an option. Kablaam! Sorry for the weird rant of sorts.

I'd be interested to hear other people's opinions on this!

Here's my newest lo, a Christmas one of Ella: