December Daily Day 1/2

Last night I got two days prepared for my December Daily album.

Here they are:

I gessoed the whole background of the two pages and then I plyed around with paint. I painted red acrylic paint bordering both of the pages. While still wet and adding some water, I added a little bit of black paint around the edge to make it look more distressed. I ripped some of the paper when it was damp in the upper right corner. Something got stuck to it and then it tore the upper layer off. I love the texture that it gives the page, so I will probably be doing that on purpose from now on. Then I mixed some green and gold paint and dipped a piec of embroidery floss in it and dragged it around the page wherever you see green. I then painted the central part of each page with a gold acrylic paint. Then I painted the edges white to brighten it all up just a little bit.

Close up of glass flat backed marble (the kind you find in vases):

I cut around the marble until it fit into the page flush with the surface so that my book will close properly. Plus then you can enjoy it on many pages. I backed the marble with a little piece of graphic 45 paper, Child's play, Playtimes Past collection.

Close up of flower:

The little girl and boy faces were cut from the same G45 paper and outlined with stickles. The flower center was made from the pieces that I cut out of the book for the marble enclosure. This was another happy accident/experiment. I glued a few of the circles together, then I put a couple of rhinestones in the middle. Then I decided that I wanted a black edge so I decided to heat emboss it, so I did. Whist setting it with my heat gun, I noticed some bubbling in the rhinestones, so I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if I could melt the rhinestones. So I tried to/did, also resulting in a beautiful burnt paper look (and a very annoyed, paranoid husband, who hates my experimenting on the best of days, whom I woke up when the fire alarm sounded, no joke). This I will definitely be doing again, but next time I will disable the alarm first or do it under the hood fan. Please, if you are going to try this, take proper precautions and don't do it with my endorsement. I am not recommending anyone trying this.

Well that's it for now. Have a great day!



Lisa Howard said...

LOVE all the artistic elements and experimenting you did with these pages! WOW!!!

Vel said...

OMG the marble idea is pure genius! I love this!

Tracy said...

Wow Tricia, your book is looking awesome! I cant wait to see the rest of it!

Jocelyn said...

OH MY GOODNESS....I LOVE THIS!!!! Wow...full of texture and dimension! Fabulous work!!!! I have so got to try this out!!!! You inspire me!!!! :-)

Taryn said...

OMG this album is gorgeous!!! What a treasure for you and your family.

Bethany Kartchner said...

Oh my goodness Tricia! This project is seriously gorgeous! Love it all!

Anonymous said...

wow i just love your first pages! i have wanted to try altered book too, i will be following your december daily keenly. it will be my inspiration :).