busy busy busy

Ella had fun last week jumping all over mommy & daddy's bed. She got the t-shirt that she's wearing from Grandpa when he went to Kingston, Jamaica. Ella calls it her "John Deere" shirt like Owen's. Owen keeps trying to tell her that it's a "country" (as in Jamaica) shirt. She is very adamant in insisting that he is incorrect.

AFter we picked up Owen from school we went to McDonald's for lunch. This is a pic of the kids in the playland.

Owen and his friend Wyatt:

Last Saturday we went into Arnprior for supper. This is a picture of David precisely at the moment when he was telling me how very gay I am to be taking pictures here. I think his exact words were: "You are SO gay. Is this your first time to a restaurant, are you a tourist? BAHAHAHA. Put that camera away."

Saturday during the day we managed to get outside for a while when Owen's friend Connor came over. Here, the kids were digging for buried tonka treasures. Who knew that being total slackers and not getting things put away before snowfall would result in such fun?

Garbage from our semi-unexpected bathroom reno:

So it's been a busy last while as we have been doing some very strange renovations for winter time done, ie. changing windows and doors. It was quite frigid in the house this weekend. Anyway, the whole job is going very well and I am very impressed at the pace at which David has been tackling each project. Don and Mike came over this weekend and helped remove the exterior bathroom wall, re-do it minus the window, put in a new front door and back door.

Grandpa peeking in at Ella: AFter this she decided she would not be using the toilet anymore that day. HAHA. Can't say I blame her.

When we started dismantling the bathroom, we found that the vapour barrier was actually a bunch of stapled up garbage bags. HMMM, I have a feeling Mike Holmes would have a problem.

We discovered a LOT of mold in and around the tub and so, decided to take out everything and redo the plywood, studs and the drywall.

More mold:


Interesting patch job????
The kids kept themselves occupied on treehouse .com:

Bathroom wall coming down:

At least the smells will clear quickly now:

Last night we went to Nana's house for supper. She made us some lasagna and some apple crumble. It was delish. We all showered up while we were there since it is unknown when I will have bathing facilities available again. Here Owen is trying to play with Nana's mean cat Hannah. One second later she was punching and hissing at him. It is always good for a laugh, although I think it hurt Owen's feelings a little bit. He doesn't understand that she just isn't nice.

This is what the bathroom looks like now:

When I was out yesterday, I had to pick out a handle, this is the one I picked:

This is the new door, I went to Randall's today and picked some colours to consider for the front of the house.

Next, we'll be replacing the big window and basement windows, they have to be picked up first though.

This is the faucet that we picked for the tub, we just went in to Boone/Mondeau today:

We decided to get a bar thingy, this is the one we picked but it will also have a brushed nickel finish:

These I liked for accessories:

These are the two colours that I am condsidering for the door and garage door, these aren't quite accurate in shade.

For the bathroom, I am considering doing the top half of the walls in this green colour, although it is a fair bit less bright irl:

I would like to do a wallpaper on the bottom half of the walls in a graphic black and white such as one of the two following pictures, seperated by wainscotting painted either bright white or black.

For the battub walls, I'm thinking of doing something similar to one of the two following pics. I'm thinking a pure glossy white for the floor tiles. The shower curtain would be white linen or something like that with a black border. I will probably make the shower curtain, anyone know how to? Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?? I know it all seems really crazy but I think it would look amazing. David is going to be a hard sell though I'm afraid.


Jill Sarginson said...

I LOVE the pic of David on the can - bwahahahhahahaha!

And awesome new front door!

I wanna come see all the renos!