so many pictures

We had a really good weekend that just passed. We were able to get a lot of work done around the house, although we still don't have a bathtub. Fingers crossed that it will be soonish. WE have a bathtub, it's just not ready to use yet. It is beautiful though and I laid down in it last night and imagined myself in it with hot water and candles. It's going to be heavenly.

On Friday we went to Don and Nancy's for a Congratulations dinner for David getting his gas fitter G2. I was so happy to get som nice pictures of baby Mallory and her Daddy.

Of course, the kids needed to get in Grandma and Grandpa's huge tub. Actually they did NEED to, It had been 5 days since their last bath, on account of the whole not having a bathtub thing. This is my favorite one of Lauren:
Grandpa and Ellie:
David working on the new plumbing on Saturday:

On Saturday night Dad, Tracy, Joshua and Meaghan came over for a Wii night. Dad sucked, Tracy has potential, Joshua is a balance master and Meaghan killed everyone.
Too bad the serious concentrating didn't help his game:
Mr. Casual Wiiing with his wine:
Boxing showdown between the ladies:
Meaghan's gaming concentration, she does not joke:
Giant on a small board:
Highlight of the evening: Dad's Mii, pure hilarity.
Got this beautiful shot of David last night, I think here he was just about to threaten my camera's safety if I didn't get out of his face. Ella this morning:
Owen this morning:
I was just playing around with my camera here, but I like the way this turned out: