Happy DAy...we have a mini-excavator in our backyard!!

First, here are the last three layouts that I have done. I have been really only been doing digital scrapbooking lately and I am loving the opportunity to learn new skills.

Today, the man who will be working on our septic system dropped off his mini-ex to commence work next week. What a miserable job that will be. Anyway, at least we get to obsess over the machine all weekend. Owen is going to be all over that thing AND he left it unlocked, so maybe if he is lucky, he might get to sit in it. ANyway, I took a bunch of pictures of it for Owen. He loves the scratches and dirt that are all over it I am told. I'm not sure I will ever really understand boys!

Owen checking it out through the window. I propped him up on top of our bureau to look at it. This positioning was a huge thrill for him because it doubled as a deck for him to jump off of onto our bed. What a weasel. I let him sit up on top because he said he would be good, the second I relaxed he seized his opportunity and executed his daredevil jump. He will not be enjoing the mini-ex from this vantage point again! Slippery snake children.
moments before said jump:Here, I think he was devising his plan, it's all over his devil face:
Such a sad little face. Imagine, I was asking him to look at Mommy for a second that took away from his mini-ex viewing time. Poor guy!
He insisted I get a picture of his "cool" tattoo:
So, hopefull we'll get lots done around the house this weekend. No big plans really. The kids and I are going into town for lunch with my mom tomorrow for V-day. Then the plan is to have nice dinner and a yummy dessert at home. Not sure what yet. I am such a slacker. Years ago, I used to plan our v-day meals in advance and try to come up with something festive, not so much anymore.
Family day is on Monday so I am trying to thing of something appropriate to do in celebration of our new holiday. It would be nice to do something as a family that does not include or involve construction in any way. That would probably be a great start. Not that I'm not totally appreciative of everything that's getting done. Just wouldn't mind a break. My house is a disaster.
Yesterday, I came across a short artcle on "toxic stress", that I thought was a good overview of ways to combat it. Here's the link: http://www.canadianliving.com/health/mind_and_spirit/5_steps_to_control_your_worry.php
I think this is helpful for anyone and everyone.
Oh and watched Zack and Miri make a Porno tonight, loved it! Both funny and cute in a porno kind of way. Not to be watched if you're sensitive to the f-bomb, nudity and as many different varieties of words for genitals that you can imagine, all that sort of good stuff. Basically right up my alley. Makes me want to direct porn...kind of.