CONGRATULATIONS to my fabulous husband!!!!

David passed his G2!!!!! He had his practical today which took a half an hour and he found out on the spot that he passed. He is very relieved as this has been something that has been way overdue. It has been a dark shadow hanging over him and so I am very very proud of him that he got 'er done!

To those who have no idea what I'm talking about, David's G2 is his gas fitting classification. It was something that he technically should have gotten years ago but has been an incredibly busy man since I've known him, so it always got put on the backburner. Typically you would have to take night courses to get this classification, but David decided to challenge the exam, which means not take the course, ie. save lots of time and money. In October he took the written and passed but still had to pass a practical exam which he did TODAY!!! Yay!!!