25 Random Things about ME

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1.I find it very difficult to stay focused on one thing at once. I am constantly distracted by partially formed other thoughts swirling through my mind.

2.I consider myself to be a good person but I don’t always do what’s right.

3.I wish I would slow down and enjoy each moment more fully.

4.I absolutely LOVE when there is any type of storm especially when it means that you are stuck wherever you are. I kind of love the excuse to not do anything and it kind of adds an element of excitement due to mild fear.

5.I am VERY affected by the weather in general. My moods are very much influenced by what the weather is like. This means that winter time is often very long and very difficult for me. This winter has been good though because there has been lots of sun.

6.I LOVE LOVE LOVE doing anything with my hands, ie. Crafts, art, esthetics, even helping with stuff around the house. It is in taking something and making something beautiful out of it that I get so much pleasure.

7.I am a very very sensitive person. Through my life I have always thought that the way to protect this vulnerability would be to put on a strong front, I have learned that this actually only worsens the situation. People think that you have thicker skin than you do, so don’t realize when they hurt you, plus whenever you aren’t being truly you it’s really hard for people to connect with you. I think I have caused myself much more pain than was necessary as a result. Luckily I am now trying to just be me, flaws and all.

8.I LOVE life and everything and everyone in it. There is so much beauty. Once you start accepting yourself more, this becomes crystal clear.

9.Law of Attraction, learn it, love it, embrace it. My life is changing.

10.This might cause controversy but, David is my number 1 and the kids are number 2. To a lot of people that probably doesn’t make sense, but I believe that if you don’t make it that way, then throughout your children’s lives you and your partner will grow farther and farther apart. I don’t want when the kids are older for David and I not to have meaning anymore. We are the reason the kids are here, we are the base of that, we have to keep the base strong. So, he is my #1.

11.My sister is my best friend. Despite 10 years difference.

12.I am a ridiculous procrastinator. I seem to not be able to perform unless it’s crunch time. This creates a lot of chaos.

13.I have a VERY addictive personality.

14.I can be embarrassingly passionate about things. Often times I stifle my passion and excitement, because in general I think it is too much for most people. My sister will know exactly what I’m talking about here.

15.I have a really sucky stomach. It acts up over anything. Fear, nervousness, excitement…they all send me to the bathroom in a hurry. Also, every time I eat out. Poor David.

16.I am always working on my million dollar idea. I want to work for me. (who doesn’t I guess)

17.I can be very socially awkward and VERY self-conscious. This obviously gets significantly better as I grow more comfortable in my own skin.

18.I believe that there is good in everyone and I have a really hard time assigning blame to people who do bad things because I find it really difficult to not see how they were potentially victimized in their lives.

19.I believe that there is love enough for everyone in this world, but we all have to love ourselves first.

20.I have a texture disorder. My fingertips are too sensitive and so I loath certain textures, ie. Cotton balls, terra cotta, glasses from the dishwasher, popsicle sticks…the list goes on and on. Oh and anything sticky gives me mild anxiety attacks. Not a good one with messy kids around.

21.I am loving this opportunity to go on and on about ME!!!!

22.I love the internet as a tool for learning anything and everything. I have become an almost expert on many many topics. I love to try to find ways to do things, make things, figure things out, by myself. I dream of being self-sufficient.

23.One day, David and I want to be farmers.

24.My hope is that people start learning to get real. I believe it’s our best hope for humanity. I think this is the core of most problems in the world. So many issues arise from judging others. People judge others when they don’t like stuff about themselves. Get real with yourself and you will be cool with everyone else. Simple, yet not.

25.I am always scared of not cutting it as a mother. Biggest, most crippling fear.