No-Kids, No Husband Weekend

So I had a girls weekend this weekend. David and the kids went up to a cottage that his parents rented and I had my girlfriends over for a hang out and sleep over on Friday night. We had a big breakfast and lounged around on Saturday day, then went out for Thai food for dinner. Later we were supposed to go out but I was too tired from the night before and so I actually came home at a reasonable hour.

Here's us checking out our friend's licence for comical reasons I won't go into. I wasn't able to get any more pictures by the time I took my camera out in the morning. Everyone ducked and hid so that I wouldn't get them and put them on my blog in their pajamas. DARN.

Today I cleaned and did some laundry and got some scrapbooking done.

On Wednesday we went to the beach with my sister in law and my two nieces Lauren and Mallory. The weather was perfect and the kids had SO much fun in the water.

Ella and Lauren running through the water:

Ella's face is prime:

Mallory wanted to eat that shoe...and everything else:

Tomorrow morning we are headed up to the cottage for a week or so and I will have no computer or phone. I am totally looking forward to it. It will be the first time we are making it up to the cottage this summer. We have been so busy working around the house in all of our spare time, there just has been no time. Anyway, if anyone sends me any emails I won't get them until at least Friday or Saturday and possibly later.