Always learning

Life can be so difficult sometimes. Recently I have been going through a bit of emotional turmoil. I went to the cottage and my husband stayed home because he had to work. It's crazy how fast things can fall apart when you are away from your "person"; when you don't just have them there. It is so easy in life to take the important things for granted. That's why it's good to switch things up every once in a while. As I was at the cottage, I felt crazy to be honest. Going through hard times alone and in the middle of the woods, not a good move for me; not going to lie. Anyway, as I came undone, I realized how much my husband is my rock. I know that sounds cliché but, it's true. He may not always have the right thing to say and he is not always the most sensitive(far from it), but he makes me feel loved and that is something. Anyway, the whole ordeal definitely was a positive one:

  1. I learned that I can drive all the way to my cottage (3 hours away) by myself
  2. I gained a new understanding and appreciation for my husband's role in my life
  3. I showed myself that I could stay there overnight by myself without being too scared
  4. I gained a new insight about people who may be less fortunate then me with how much love I have in my life (it's been a long time since I felt lonely that way).

As for D, I always consider myself to be a very compassionate person and objective person, but sometimes you need first hand experience to really think about what another's experience might actually be like. What I mean by this is that we should never judge other people. We really never can know what it means to be that other person. This is the same for other people's relationships. You just can never know all of the things that are at play in another person's life that makes them who they are. I relish every opportunity to re-realize this because it helps make me a better person I think. I mean we all judge, but I really don't mean to. So, any time I get new insight I am always moved by it. Try today to treat someone more tenderly than you would normally, we are all going through the same stuff, just different degrees of it. When we look at other people, we need to learn to see them as a whole person. Once you start doing this, you also start learning to give yourself the same consideration. Trust me, when you shed that judgement of others, it becomes much easier to be less judgmental of yourself. It is completely linked, completely true.

Anyway, as soon as I came home, I called my husband and told him all of this and how much I appreciated him and how sad and lonely I was there, in the middle of an emotional rollercoaster ride without him. I think he really appreciated my honesty. He came home and took care of me and surprise, surprise I was much better equipped to deal with said emotional turmoil. I feel so much better. Anyway, I just wanted to share this lesson, nothing too new here but I think we can all be reminded some times.

Have a wonderful day and try to remember to see the whole person, you just never know what they have been through.


Lucy Edson said...

Those lessons are always interesting, aren't they? Thanks for sharing that today - I need to thank some people in my life. :)

I am feeling good about the time issues we talked about- very positive. :)