looooove family get-togethers

On Wednesday some of my cousins and my sister cam to our house to spend the day with us. We went the beach, had a bbq at the beach and then cam home for some fresh drama. After that was settled we ordered some pizza for supper and then spent the rest of the evening filming ourselves, which I will share the hilarious results of soon.

Here's Jeff at the beach:


Meaghan(my sister and Alanah, my cousin)

Joshua, my cousin....lots...too much um, hair.

The following two pictures were taken by my cousin Joshua and I edited them up. My sister looks flat out gorgeous!

Ella, back at home:

My kids are animals...

I crunched Ella's head, i lnow it's not nice, but sometimes it's just one of those days.

Trip to Walmart last weekend...David wanted to kill me for taking pictures at Walmart:

A few pictures of the kids playing outside the other night.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!