January 6, 2009

So today was a much better day in terms of getting ready for school this morning. It actually went pretty smoothly despite the fact that we were late.

So David decided to unleash himself in Walmart tonight, which is always a risky situation. David is a closet shopaholic and can't control himself in Walmart. He didn't do too badly tonight, but he did walk away with a new coffee maker, about $50 in A/V cables(???), werther's originals, swedish berries, hawkins cheesies and some overpriced Diet Pepsi. I'm not sure what the deal is with all the treats but I guess someone doesn't want to let go of the holiday season. I'm not going to name any names.

The new coffee maker:
First cup of coffee, which I got to have btw:

I snuck into the kids rooms tonight to try to get some sleeping pics:

I am officially in love with my camera. I figured I might as well put that out there.