January 15, 2008

I'm getting pretty sick of this whole deep freeze thing. Ella is quite the nightmare in the cold. Today I was hoping to take the car to drop Owen off for school to eliminate some of the potential freak-outs, but the car wouldn't start. It shouldn't have surprised me since my car was practically a block of ice. Anyway, we had to walk which actually went well, with the exception of us being late for school. The walk home was another story. Ella was crying the whole way home complaining that her hands were too cold. Poor thing.

Oddly enough, Owen wanted to keep playing outside so I let him play outside for about 5 minutes while Ella and I watched him from the window. I yanked him inside prematurely though, after talking to David and him telling me that he had heard that you could get frostbite ridiculously fast today. I then proceeded to madly search his face for signs of frostbite. I think David might have been exageratting a bit. Ah well

When Owen came inside he decided that he wanted to have a chat with Grandpa on the phone. Owen did an awful lot of humming and hawing in a deepened voice in his best attempts to talk like Daddy does on the phone. Grandpa was very patient with Owen.
After lunch and a short nap, Connor came over to play Wii with Owen. This picture is them doing a run on Wii Fit:

Goofing around:
This is what was left of my dining room table after I was done scrapbooking today.
New Layout:
OHHH, and good news: I got my iPod replaced!!!!! The one that Owen peed on after a mere four months (enough to be completely hooked on the thing ). Pee + iPod=lethal combo. Anyway, they sent me a new one and I am so happy because I was afraid that I would get busted out on account of the whole being peed on thing. They don't cover damage from pee in their warranty. Anyway I feel so lucky with all of my new gadgets. I feel very high tech.