January 17, 2008

Well Ella has the flu and I once again have the smell of vomit burnt into my scent memory. It's all I can smell. Anyway, she's a trooper. She still tried playing as usual today. I kept having to remind her that she is sick. Owen is good so far, but I imagine that he will start getting sick just as Ella is getting better. It's easier to take care of them that way, but what usually ends up happening is that David or I get sick then too but after the kids. Which pretty much means that one of the four of us is sick at all times. At least it feels that way.

Anyway, today I got photoshop and I am so excited to play around with it. Apparently me being a "techie" knows no bounds. I am figuring out so much on the computer.

Poor David is on call this week. He only got in at 3:00am this morning and has been out on calls since about 9:00 am this morning. It's now 11:20 pm. He has been working like mad since after Christmas and we miss him; it's true. Oh well, after all this cold weather lets up, I'm sure it will slow down some. No pictures to share at the moment on account of the sickness and stuff.

Oh also, I started listening to "The Secret" on audiobook on my newly recovered iPod. It is an intriguing non-fiction about the law of attraction. I am quite intrigued by the whole concept. Not sure to what degree I believe in it, but it definitely has some universal truths. It is actually much like the stuff that my employer teaches. On that note, I'm thinking that audio books are the way of the future for me. What a fantastic way for me to get my information in. I can listen to stuff when I'm doing the dishes, walking Owen to school, anywhere and everywhere. AWESOME!! Oh another audiobook that I downloaded is called the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferriss, I highly recommend it so far. It has some extremely practical tips that anyone could apply to their lives to make it more efficient. This book really makes you reframe the way you look at the 9-5, work to retire ideology. Just wanted to share.

Well I think I might go to bed early (ie.now) as I'm probably in for a long couple of nights.