Movie plans this weekend

FInally a movie to fall in love with. This looks magical beyond my wildest dreams. Want to go see it this weekend.

We had a good Thanksgiving weekend here. We had two big dinners to go to, so we have mos def had our fill of turkey. I still don't have my camera back from the hospital so I have no pics to share. I am hoping to get it back within 2 weeks. I HOPE. I have missed out on all of the prime autumn photo ops. The leaves are mostly down here now and the colour has already changed from the super saturated rich reds, yellows and oranges to more brownish. SO yah, I was hoping to get some awesome pictures since I didn't have a good camera last year, what can you do? Next year. Plus I have some wicked ideas for pictures when the snow comes, which it will soon, cuz it feels like the arctic here(I'm exaggerating a bit).

I am super excited for something scrapbook related that I will be able to share in the next couple of weeks. But until then...all I can share is my excitement!!! Can you feel it?

I am also happy to say that I got in some good time with my girls this weekend. We went out for Thai dinner and then back to my friend's house for some more loud, incessant chatting and insane eating. That is what we do, what we have always done. Chat really loudly and eat really monstrously. You kind of have to get rolled home after our girl's nights. It has been that way since high school. Anyway, nothing makes me feel more grounded and connected then when I get together with these girls...minus our friend who is in Mexico, she is the missing piece of the puzzle. Our friend in Mexico is getting married this February, so we are all going down there for the wedding. I am pumped to the max about this. Except for the fact that I have a phobia of flying. I haven't been on a plane in nine years since my trip to Australia, which totally was too much for me. I have worked on my anxiety since then, so I am hoping I will fare better, but I don't know. ANyone know of any really good drugs that I could take that will help...horse tranquilizer maybe? Now to go see a farmer.



steph said...

Don't worry the flight is only about 5 hours (not 24 or more). Take a Gravol or 2 and you will go right to sleep.

Pearl said...

Happy Thanksgiving ,Tricia ! Sounds like it was a terrific time !

can't wait to hear about your scrappy news !! sounds intriguing !

Perhaps you can take something that will make you sleep on the flight ? Have a great time in Mexico !

We Singaporeans love to fly - being that we live on such a tiny island ! lol

Jodee said...

I have never flown! And, the idea of it scares the crap out of me! I tell my hubby that he'd have to drug me to get me on the plane! I'm sure you'll be fine. Like steph said, it's not as long of a flight as Australia!