Moved to tears by this video

...one of my faves by Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror, performed by Sieddah Garrett. She performed with the Agape International Choir, who are part of the Agape International Spiritual Center. I actually bawled as I watched this video, starting from the moment when this woman, who wrote the song "Man in the Mirror", movingly described her experience since Michael Jackson's death. Her stance that she has taken regarding the media looking for dirt, is inspiring and noble.

The words to this song have touched me since I was a young child. The meaning has cleared up quite a bit over the years as I have matured into a woman and into a mother. Even more recently, I have realized even deeper meaning to this concept. It resonates so much more integrally in my life now. I used to think that you had to think really "big" to make a big difference. Since I have learned through both observation and experience that this is simply not true. All around us there are opportunities to bring about change on every scale. We just have to start thinking differently, embracing change and difference, believing that it is possible.
We tend to sit too passively in our own lives, thinking up more excuses than solutions or actions. Let's all try to reach out and grab for what we want!

I highly recommend checking out the video below. You might want to grab a few kleenex first though.


kiwithekreator said...

thanx for this...i really want to do a wall hanging with the words to this song on it