I am a Cricut owner and I like it!!!

Yipee!!!! I finally got myself a cricut. For those of you that don't know, it is a digital die cutting machine that cuts out letters and shapes for scrapbooking, I hooked myself up with the Sure Cuts a Lot software so now rather than buy expensive cartridges, I can cut any true type fonts and any .svg files on it. I have been playing around and OMG this is going to completely change the way I scrapbook. Not only that, but I have figured out how to make my own .svg files using Photoshop to do the designs and then using Inkscape to change the format to .svg. What this means is that anything that I can think of, I can make my machine cut for me. I will be posting projects and probably some .svg freebies in the near future.

I have loads of pictures to share from the past couple of weeks, but it is always such a daunting task to get them posted. I do my blog posts from Word and I haven't figured out a simple way to add pictures right in word. I can't figure it out and it drives me nuts. Anyone know how????

Here is a peek at a page that I am working on right now, it's not done, but I wanted to show what I have done with the cricut:

The awesome thing about the software that I got is that I can weld the letters together as in below, which is kind of a fun way to do titles:

This past weekend was Harbour Days here in Fitzroy Harbour. It's kind of a big deal out here. We went out on the Saturday for the Fireman's breakfast, it was a great turnout.

Auntie Andrea, Lauren and Mallory even joined us for the day which was great. I got this not so good picture of David and Mallory, because David went and snatched Mallory from her mom and brought her back to us in line. I thought it was both strange and cute, definitely out of character for Mr. Peever.

After breakfast, we went out for the parade. The kids got to go in the float this year. These are the dudes that designed and made the float, it was a Jurassic Park theme:

The parade taking off. The firetruck leads the way, then the float and then all the bikers.

The kids on the float:

There was a petting zoo:

This goat took a liking to David, not really, just the food in his hands. He was definitely on to the next sucker like literally the second he got all of the food into his mouth

Ray's reptiles were there, can't remember the type of snake this is, I think it was a reticulating something or other.

This snake felt amazing. He was pretty hungry though and he kept looking at me in a way that made me feel a little more than uncomfortable. This guy in the picture, who I'm going to go ahead and assume is "Ray" was a really nice guy, just don't ask him any questions that might make him feel defensive of the animals...ie. "Do you have to wash your hands after handling the snake?" It would seem that he gets a bit sensitive about this type of question. He was quick to inform that dogs are much dirtier and that you only need to wash your hands cuz of all the dirty kid germs that are on the snake. He also begrudgingly asked his assistant to get out the hand sanitizer cuz "people think the snake is full of bacteria". I personally asked him only because I was curious. He warmed up to me a lot after I asked him where the poo comes out. He said "that's usually a boy question", then he smiled and we were friends. Which was good, because he was getting pretty sulky. I then proceeded to ask questions about the sexual organs and I think he was ready to marry me. Just kidding.

Scorpion. I would actually die if I encountered one of these in the wild. Imagine this heinous beast crawling over your chest or something like that. Heart attack. Boom. Dead. Just like that.

Owen was enthralled with the darty tongue.

Mallory is crazy for freezies. Andrea let her have a lick and then she just went bananas. She started making these crazy guttural grunts, and kind of convulsing.

David felt no choice but to give her more, she was scary

not too impressed when she was told no more.

That night we got a sitter and went to the Harbour days dance. Carla came over to be my date, besides David. I did Carla's makeup and hair and then I insisted that we do a "photoshoot" She looked SO pretty:

A fun night was had by all, lots of dancing and drinking.

Couple of scrapbooking things to share:

Mini album I made for my mom, I never see her though, so it's just sitting around (yes mom, this is a not so subtle message to you)

David chillin with owen


Here were some spy pics I took of Ella in her room a couple of weeks ago taking a "nap"

Well, that's it for right now. I will post some more cricut stuff soon.



Bethany Kartchner said...

I think that is the biggest snake I've ever seen. Wow.