It’s getting old. Mother Nature> I’m talking to you

Here in Ottawa, every day feels like we're being punished by a schizophrenic Mother Nature, and I think it's putting me right off. It's a peaceful, sunny albeit cool, summer day one moment, then the next moment torrential winds are upon us. The skies darken and we wonder out loud, back and forth, "Jeez, it looks like it's coming this time", "Nah this one will pass", "No, no this is going to be the big one!", "Oh...there it is", "Quick, put the chairs in the garage" "Oh wait never mind, there's the sun again, take the chairs back out". GRRR! This weird, cold/rainy weather has been going on for quite a while now it seems, and I think it's driving me a low level crazy. I myself have been up and down like a toilet seat mood-wise today. It REALLY doesn't help that my entire yard is a grassless mud wasteland and my driveway is filled with two dump loads of partially weathered away top soil loads(the weathering due in part to our big lazy lab barney burrowing perfectly moulded lounging coves for himself, in part to our children living in in for the past week, and in part to the non-stop rain). A bi-product of the topsoil in the laneway is the line of ugly vehicles that we have parked all down our street, I know the neighbours are loving us. The BEST and by best I mean the most heinously heinous part is the fact that I am living in full on heinously muddy conditions, next level mud. You let the mud dry, then you sweep and then the mud is airborne. Somedays I can sit back and almost see the humour in it. Not today. Today I have been on the brink of madness. That's it for now. Just wanted to vent.