Dentistry@Arnprior and BEST find *ever* at Buck or Two!!!!!

I brought both my kids to the dentist for the first time, this morning. Contrary to what I expected to happen, Owen was quite comfortable with going in and the whole process where Ella was much more fearful and had to be coaxed into every little thing. Owen even went into the room by himself with the hygienist. Ella was completely fine until it was her turn, at which point she stopped dead in front of the door and just said "no". SHe wasn't angry or screaming or lashing out. Just saying no. SHe said it probably 4-5 more times following that, before we were able to talk her into the room. Then we had to talk her into the chair. The we had to talk her into agreeing to have the chair move up and down and back and forth. It went on like this for every single part. When it came time to us "asking" her if the dentist could come in and see her now, she was ready to burst into tears. I reassured her and she allowed him to come in. He was very sweet and gentle with her and she liked him right away, so that was great. He told us that he has 2 little girls, one, Ella's age almost exactly. Anyway, we got over this hurdle which is a big relief. Especially since the dentist said that they both have very healthy mouths.

After the dentist appointment, I obviously had to go to the Buck or Two that is in the same mall. SO glad I did, because I found the best find EVER! A bunch of 8x8" Cosmo Cricket paper pads for, wait for it............., you won't believe it! $1.00 each. I bought 7, 1 each of 6 different packs and a second "Hello Sunshine" pack, cause I love it. I'm kind of thinking I should have bought them all for gifts and RAKs and such, even just for paper for the kids, or loot bags. Whatever, $1.o0. I am SO going back and buying them all. There were probably like 40 there. Hopefully no Arnprior ladies read this post before I get a chance to get back there. Anyway, here they are in all their glory....and please feel free to leave any and all comments about how jealous you are and how lucky I am below! Hehehe.

Happy Weekend!



Kristy said...

Ok that seriously HAS to be the best store EVER! DROOL! You ARE super lucky and I AM super jealous!

Jocelyn said...

Yay for the healthy mouths...and now....WOWZA what a find...and I cannot believe that you paid a dollar for these!!!!

Wishing you a great weekend sweet friend!!!

nancy said...

Wow! now that was a find of all finds! and yes! I'm a little jealous :) ok...a lotta jealous :)