Valentine's SVG Kit and Thank yous!

First I just wanted to thank everyone who shared their kind words of comfort and encouragement with me in regards to my last post. Reading people's responses actually made me feel much better. Sometimes all you need is to feel understood and not alone. I am even starting to feel less sick and starting to get some energy back. Thank goodness.

Now that I'm starting to feel more like myself again, I am going to try to work on my Etsy shop more. I really love doing it and everytime I get a sale I feel like a giddy little child, like someone actually bought something from me!!!! AMAZING!

Yesterday I got a bunch of Valentine's stuff done that I am selling as four different kits or as one big bundle. Here it is:

I'm thinking about doing some other digital elements, like overlays for photos, masks and maybe some other digital stuff that can wither be printed up and cut out or used for digital scrapbooking. I will see. It usually all depends on my mood.

OH and I have an exciting little tidbit to share: one of my layouts from my December ScrapMuse kit was requested by Scrapbooking.com for this month's issue of their online magazine. They also included my article on how to rebuild the page. If you're interested, here's the LINK!

Have a great day!!!



Jessica said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better and love your new etsy goodies. off to see your pub..congrats! :-D

Vel said...

Cool kits and congrats on the toot! :)