New Layout, more December Daily, catch up

It finally snowed here in Ottawa, Canada yesterday and with the snow came my Christmas spirit, thank goodness. It is a perfectly fitting time to share my first layout with you guys from the December kit, which also happens to be a Christmas layout. It is called In Anticipation and it is a picture of my kids and their two cousins last year waiting to open their presents.


I have had such a wonderful time using this stunning kit. If you havent checked out ScrapMuse, you definitely should. They have great kits every month. I have not been disappointed.

I wanted to also share two more completed pages of my December Daily. I canèt remember now if I shared the first 2, hmmm. I think I will just re-share what I have so far.

For this part, I Cut a window through several pages in order to add embellishments with dimension, but still be able to close the book. An added benefit of this is that you get it for a few pages. I just used a craft knife to cut through the layers. The bottom right corner became sort of weak, so I reinforced it by wrapping it up with ribbon. Lots of embossing too.

I have sooooo many pictures to share from the last month or two that I have just not had the time to share. Here are just a few:

These ones are from back in November, this is a friend and her daughter, Ainslee:

Owen and his friend Wyatt, they had on the same Wolverine t-shirts.

Here's one I took on the beach on Owen's birthday:


Owen wouldn't get off the slide:

Barney, excited to run free:

Ella, staring down an approaching neighbour, really friendly face eh?

That's better:

Black forest cake I made for David's birthday, it was deeelicious:

Grandpa and Daddy's combined birthday party:

Gingerbread house:

A current picture of our house, with windows all done, siding, fascia and soffet and new roof. Now we just need to get the steps done and the landscaping, painting the door and garage and putting up the trim around the door and we will be done all of our outside work:

Ella modeling her Christmas dress, $19 at Costco:

I also wanted to give an update about this post when back in October I had asked for some words of comfort for my dear friend, whos father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He passed away with his family surrounding him in the hospital on November 28. Needless to say, this will be a very difficult holiday season for my friend and her family. I am once again asking for anyone to contribute any kind words for them by leaving a comment on my blog. I will make sure any comments get passed on to her, as I did the last time. It really warmed her heart when complete strangers left comforting words for her. Sometimes, advice from someone who has been there is the best thing for you.

Sorry for the long post. Have a great day!!!



Darien said...

Tricia!! i love everything!! WOW! Gorgeous lo and details!! I love your notebook!!! And Ella is BEAUTIFUL!!!! She really have Gorgeous eyes!!!!!!!! Love Her dress!!!

Vel said...

Fabulous work on the lo and the daily. And I love your photos, especially that black & white one.

Anonymous said...

Very amusing piece

GLOANN said...

Your Dec. Daily is just simply beautiful. So artsy and well done! Love it.

Tracy said...

Hey Tricia, it's so nice to see all the work you've done on your december daily book! It's really looking amazing and will be a wonderful book to treasure for years to come!

Haven't seen you around the super casual drop-in-ish group for awhile (although no pressure, lol). If you were following it via email notifications (as I was) you've probably stopped receiving them, as they moved us to the Scrap Chat subforum (still in the general scrapbooking forum). Just wanted to let you know where we are, in case you couldn't find us, or wondered why there were no notifications. You've certainly been busy with your book and other projects (are you building a house too?- my gosh you are one busy woman!).

Mony said...

fabulous works!!!

Anonymous said...

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Bethany Kartchner said...

Gorgeous post. Your LOs are so rich with texture! And your family is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

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