Look out Waterloo

I'm so excited!!!! After nap this afternoon I am heading into town, meeting David and ditching him and the kids and heading off to Waterloo with my mom and Meaghan for a big shopping spree and some girly fun!!! I haven't gone shopping in the states for at least 2 years. We're going to Chelsea premium outlets, it is in Waterloo, just outside of Syracuse, NY. This outlet mall has about 115 outlet stores all in one place. It's awesome. Ella wants a pink umbrella and Owen wants "work" clothes and some tools.

Last night I went to my first softball meeting and ladies night. I got to meet some of the ladies on my team. One of the girls took all our shirts to get custom embroidered with something on the back. I think we might have decided on getting "McHappies", I'm not really sure what this is supposed to imply or mean exactly, but it sounds kind of funny and will keep people guessing. I think it was supposed to be like our own version of like the timbits or something. I am definitely looking forward to my first game next week.

So, yesterday, David comes home all blah because he had to look after the kids last night and again this weekend while I am away. I think he is feeling pretty sorry for himself and apparently his brother (19 years old, no kids) is too because apparently Steven asked David yesterday "So are going to be like a single father now". Like I guess we will just forget how for the last four and a half years I have actually been much like a single mother myself. We will also forget how I am ALWAYS the first one to suggest that David go out with friends or go and do things for himself. We also might as well forget that no one ever asks me if it is okay if I watch the kids after work hours, how it is just assumed that I am always on duty. Steven even took it one step further when he questioned why David was going to the MTO himself and not getting me to do it for him. He said to David, you work all day, why dont you just get Tricia to do it, she can bring the kids. I would like to challenge Steven to take my two kids anywhere where there is a line-up for even a few minutes, let alone the freakin MTO. I also have to point out that I am thoroughly impressed that Steven assumes that what I do is not work. Anyway, I guess I should take it as a good thing that David even told me about it. I am pretty sure he thought that Steven was being comically naieve. Ah well, we can never be understood by everyone and being judged is just par for the course with motherhood and life in general I guess. What can you do?

Sunday is Ellas baptism. Yes, she is two and a half. Yes, most people baptise newborns. I am a slacker, it is true. Better late than never I say. She will be getting baptised with her baby cousin Mallory.

That is all for now. I am going to go and make Easter Bunny chocolate chunk cookies with Ella. I actually got this idea from Steven. Thanks Steven.

Here is my most recent layout of Ellas first Barbie experience:


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Cute page!!

Nikki Sivils said...

Tricia- first, thanks for your great comments!!! Very sweet of you!!! And, no we won't be selling retail on our site, however we will have a list of stores and online stores that will carry my papers/products..... we want everyone to have a chance to get their little paws on them!!!!heeheeheee -Nikki

(Oh and if you'll send me your LSS name and number, I'll contact them and talk with them about carrying my paper lines.)

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I forgot one more thing.... that Barbie page you did ROCKS!!!